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You're in good company!  From TEDx, Fortune 500 companies, Grammy nominated artists, Police Officers, US Olympic Instructors, Actors, Athletes, Grammy nominated Artists, Emmy & Peabody Winners, Nonprofits, and Changemakers, partnering with us has provided social impact leaders with strategic solutions and mission-driven results.


​Our work has included the fields of human trafficking, persons with disabilities mental health services, at-risk and disadvantage youth, autism, terminal illness, health-based initiatives, hunger & homelessness, orphanages, performing arts, arts and humanities, sustainable development, and international humanitarian organizations.


We are proud to be selected as a partner organization of Billion Acts, the 8-time Nobel Peace Prize nominated global action initiative, led by 14 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. With 20 years of award winning, community focused, results driven success, what can we do for you?

"I worked with Sarah with great success. She directed us in the exploration if launching nonprofit was right for my company. Sarah initiated our strategic planning, led us in finding clarity about our mission, our goals and helped achieve a realistic picture of what it entails to start a successful nonprofit. She provided us with invaluable insight and resources. The amount of service and attention to detail was nothing short of remarkable. I have only the highest recommendation and hope you will choose her to help you with your nonprofit and business."


Professor, California State University
5 U.S. Olympic Teams &
L.A. Lakers Sports Psychology Consultant

"Sarah is phenomenal to collaborate with.  If all of the world is a stage, we each have an opportunity to create a platform for change in our communities. Become a powerful agent for social change by working with Sarah. With 20 years of nonprofit & social impact expertise, she is a champion for those she works with and the causes they support. Through a mission-focused consulting project, Sarah equipped and empowered me to expand my work with caused-related social impact projects and charitable causes."

Actor | best known for "Michael Myers" 
Halloween, Universal Pictures 2018 & 2021

"Second Chance Bikes could not be where we are today without Sarah. Working together, we were able to take our passion from a project to a nonprofit, therefore allowing the opportunity for funding and greater connection in the community. Sarah's development expertise, fundraising, advocacy was invaluable. As a retired Police Officer & nonprofit founder, I proudly recommend her. She advocated for us at Chamber of Commerce meetings with ease resulting in support from elected officials. She is a trustworthy & respected expert with outstanding results, and she also really cares about people & organizations."

ABC 7 News Everyday Hero
Retired Police Officer

Founder, Second Chance Bikes

"I worked with Sarah as she instructed us as a producer throughout TEDx. This country needs more active citizens like Sarah &  her principal and value to community based engagement. I'm thrilled to voice my highest support for her. Sarah's ability to encourage speakers to view their story through a lens of how they as citizens may contribute to society is a special gift few teachers have and Sarah has mastered. With the diversity of her talk selections, Sarah believes deeply in the sharing of stories that allows the listener an opportunity to open a new stream of awareness & is committed to new narratives aimed at benefiting the community."

TEDx Speaker

Center for Documentary Studies

Historian, Duke University

"Working with Sarah will set you and your nonprofit up for success. She is a recognized expert and her professionalism and ability to translate the world of nonprofit expertise was phenomenal. From our 501c3 incorporation, nonprofit regulations, board of director guidance to policies and procedures, her instruction and expertise has provided me with a solid foundation for nonprofit endeavors. If you want to maximize return on investments in resources for your mission driven cause, I recommend you work with Sarah."


Producer, TV & Radio Personality

Celebrity Poker Live; Laugh Factory

“Collaborating with an expert like Sarah is invaluable for your social impact projects. Sarah has proven to be a wealth of nonprofit knowledge. She supported Day Without Hate in advocacy towards a national holiday, championed our cause with PR efforts and provided us with an effective 90 Day Board of Directors plan.I admire Sarah's hard work and dedication to making our organization's dreams become reality.”



Co-Founder, Day Without Hate

PeaceJam Nobel Peace Laureates "Call to Action Award" Recipient

"I relied on Sarah (as a producer) to help me craft my TEDx talk. Sarah kept me on track during the entire process. She is highly knowledgeable and organized. From start to finished I felt so proud and honored to be part of an epic TEDx event and everything went so smoothly. We could not have done it without Sarah's expertise. I hope to work with Sarah again and now consider her a friend and mentor."


TEDx Speaker | Women's Health Advocate

Mrs. North Carolina 2018

"Working with Sarah has completely transformed my brand and expanded my media outreach immensely. I'm so grateful for her brilliance in helping me increase my message, my reach, and expand my social impact projects. I recommend anyone who is seeking to make a difference, align strageically with nonprofits, expande your nonrprofitss reach, and gain positive public relations exposure to work with Sarah."


Ms.Colorado 2020

"Sarah is a leader in building strategic mission aligned social impact and nonprofit partnerships.  Giving back is an extremely important part of my mission and values. Sarah's collaborations helped our albums with cause-related initiatives resulting in social impact benefiting multiple nonprofit organizations. Sarah understands that our communities benefit as a collective whole when we are able to collaborate.  She has been an asset for us and a blessing to work with."

GRAMMY Nominated Artist

Albums Infinite Energy & Nameless Energy

"Sarah is fantastic. Planning social impact projects requires research, patience and preparation. Sarah outfitted me with grant programs and grantee operational steps, drafted a grant proposal template, and provided resources to not only connect with, but vet organizations that create social impact.  Whether you are in the pre-launch phase, or an established organization seeking to expand your mission, I'd recommend her you hire her immediately."

EMMY & Peabody Winner
JW Motion & Stills

"Sarah has been a beacon of hope, guiding and instructing us as we begin our journey with our nonprofit, The Foundlings. The positivity, support and knowledge gained working with them is truly like none that I have experienced. We have now gained the ability to achieve measurable outcomes, improved impact, and sustainable change. We are so glad to have partnered together. Sarah is a respected, knowledgeable expert leading the way for founders in the nonprofit community."



CEO, Fashion Denver

Co-Founder, The Foundlings

"If in fact you are the product of your 5 closest people to you, then I feel pretty blessed to have met and worked with Sarah. She was instrumental in guiding us through the nonprofit start up process forming our foundation. From guiding us how to draft our policies and procedures, operate effective board meetings, and providing us a wealth of resources educations for nonprofit compliance, we were able to launch our charity with confidence. Through her PR work, I was featured in FORBES, which is an entrepreneurs dream."



Global DJ for Sir Richard Branson

Co-Founder, The Foundlings

"We were impressed working with Sarah and felt we were in trusted hands. Her instruction throughout the nonprofit start up process steps with great attention to detail and makes it clear and simple. Not only were we able to register as a nonprofit and secure a fiscal sponsor, we were able to clearly identify partners and plan our strategic growth. Because of our work together, we now can now focus on growing our organization and fulfilling our mission with confidence. Sarah is an asset to the nonprofit community and we are grateful to have partnered with her."


Founders, Open Labs

"With over 70 partnerships, corporations, and schools already supporting my organization, the work to form our nonprofit had to be impeccable. Not only did Sarah's consulting and projects meet our high standards, she exceeded every expectation. Sarah stands out as a leader in the community. She is an empathetic, effective expert and educator. Sarah is an articulate champion of nonprofits. I would strongly recommend Sarah to anyone with a desire to make a difference."

SPIKE TV “Practical Tactical”

ABC Family "Fitting In"

Founder, InPower Foundation

"FilmFest 919 continues to grow annually, with our inaugural year films going on to win 7 Academy Awards. In 2019, Sarah's work with us gained us great exposure and recognition statewide from the Governor as her drafted the Arts and Humanities Proclamation was accepted as official by North Carolina Governor John Hickenlooper. Sarah secured the Governor's additional support for our event through advocating the impact arts and film play in our state and local economies, and the Governor stated his support and provided a welcome letter for our event program. Sarah presented the official proclamation at the Festival to Ray Williams, Elton John's manager."


CEO and Founder, FilmFest 919

"Exploring starting a nonprofit with the expertise of Sarah provided me the capacity to expand my philanthropic efforts. I now have the resources, policies, procedures, and protocol to launch the foundation on my own timelines and provide at-risk and underprivileged youth tennis programs they would not have access to. From incorporating my nonprofit, to developing a sustainable strategic plan, Sarah's work creating and educating me as an entrepreneur committed to giving back to the community was outstanding. Sarah was excellent at strategically connecting me with cause-related platforms through existing nonprofits.

Athlete, CEO of Tennis Evolution
Top100 ATP Wimbledon/Australian Open

“Sarah was able to help our program expand and increase growth so much that we reach our 3 year goal in 6 months. I have found her to be an extremely polished, well prepared, dedicated professional. Her warmth and sense of humor allows people to readily identify with her. Sarah’s depth of knowledge, careful planning, dedication and creativity will be an asset for your organization.”


Nurse and Board of Directors Member

Colorado Caregiver Consortium

“Sarah was great to partner with. She secured our medical refugee center, The Mango House sponsorship from Gaia for our medical yoga program, providing materials and connected us with instructors who would teach via donating their time, as well as secured donated furniture for our center. Sarah has an innate drive to see organizations that serve the community effectively succeed.”


Physician & Founder of Mango House

TEDxMileHigh Speaker

"The Fox Street Compound Nonprofit Resource & Events Center offers comprehensive nonprofit consulting services and we are proud to partner with Sarah to recommend services to our clients. Having a solid foundation is the key to success of any nonprofit. Sarah is a professional who understand the nonprofit world eliminates obstacles getting between you and your mission. Working with her empowered our organization to have a strong foundation including operational policies and procedures, volunteer management, liability, board operations, and program management, so we can focus on making an impact for good. Without reservation, we recommend Sarah to any organization."



Founder, Fox Street Compound

Nonprofit Resource and Events Center

“Sarah was truly an asset to our nonprofit organization. She exceeded every fundraising goal in grant writing and special event curation, in record-breaking numbers. Sarah’s successful partnerships across the state proved she was able to form relationships with diverse populations from rural farm towns to our metro city. Her compassionate nature was evident by visiting CF children who were in the hospital and attend their funerals. Our staff, families and funders knew that she held genuine care for those we serve.”

Former Executive Director

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

"As an executive in purpose-driven industries, I have worked with a variety of nonprofits internationally and locally.  Working with Sarah we received our 501(c)3 status in just 3 weeks, and her coaching has been superb. Collaborating with Sarah was an excellent experience from start to finish. Her consulting helped launch our organization to the next level. Sarah is at the very top of my list of professionals for nonprofits and social impact that I would recommend."



Co-Founder, Apprenti.o

"We found a valuable partner and resource for our nonprofit's growth. Working with Sarah, Global Orphan Prevention created a expand our programmatic vision, developed operational policies and procedures, tracked outcomes, created our first annual report, therefore gaining the ability to increase donor engagement, and booked an appearance on Emmy Winning NBC's Colorado & Company. We gained knowledge and tools for growth that supported our nonprofit mission. I recommend your organization partner with her for effective mission driven outcomes."



Millennial Changemaker of the Year

Founder, Global Orphan Prevention

“Sarah is effective as a leader and has excellent ‘Cause Orientation’. She is articulate, informed, engaging and a clear communicator.  I found her to be an articulate champion of our cause. I have used Sarah to address both small and large groups in our organization (for nonprofit social impact causes). She spoke to nearly 1500 people at one of our events and did one of the finest 10-minute humanitarian presentations we have ever had.”



Chamber of Commerce:

Humanitarian of the Year

Pastor HighPoint Church

“Sarah shines in her relationship building with our clients and volunteers. She organized our program and internal policies, developed a wonderful orientation manual for our volunteers, and worked well with our coalition partners. Sarah has done an outstanding job and is really a pleasure to work with.”


Director of Northern Services

Colorado Division

Volunteers of America

“Sarah consulted with Tradecraft Industries to explore how a nonprofit could compliment our business. From analysis, design & development, Sarah led us and provided resources, tools, and blueprints so our team could effectively evaluate constructing a nonprofit. As the Chairman of Denver Polo 2030 Children's Foundation & the nations largest charitable polo event, I can testify that Sarah is respected in the Denver community for her nonprofit management and social impact expertise."



CEO, Tradecraft Industries

Chairman, Polo Classic Benefit

Denver 2030 Children's Foundation

"The mission of Portrait Biographies™ is to creatively capture a single exposed fine art portrait that allows viewers to interact with the journey of the contributor. Our collaboration with Sarah was impactful & empowering. Through "A Portrait of Homelessness" we raised awareness and funding to support homeless services, and created an opportunity for art to become artivism. Sarah's professionalism, warmth, ability to effectively partner to execute successful social impact, advocacy, awareness, and fundraising is a 10 out of 10."


Founder, Portrait Biographies

“The partnerships Sarah cultivated and the events she directed resulted in the largest increase in our organization's history. Her efforts tripled our medical and humanitarian volunteers to over 10,000 per year. Her leadership and diplomacy to partner with a diversity of organizations and individuals from celebrities, politicians, CEOs, faith-based organizations, schools, and resulted in humanitarian programs thriving. Sarah is one of those rare individuals who makes a successful and positive impact with all organizations she works with while keeping their vision and mission at the forefront."



Former Donor Relations Manager

World Vision International

“I marveled at Sarah’s role of a leader of a very necessary nonprofit that serves the homeless and lower rung on the ladder of social needs. Sarah has the ability to work with diverse individuals and organizations in a very positive way. She built a successful network of individuals and organizations for our nonprofit and represents us well in the media. The growth in grants awarded to us is a direct result of her attention to building a strong financial future. We could not ask for a better face for our organization. Sarah represents us in a professional and caring manner that broadcasts to not only our city, but all of the Front Range of Colorado, creating the ability to meet the needs of our clients and do it successfully.”


Vice President, Aurora Warms the Night

"Sarah was a pleasure to work with during the entire process of the TEDx Talk production. With each interaction, I was more and more impressed with her vision for the entire event being a place of inspiration. I felt supported and encouraged along the way, with all the many questions that come up in doing a TED talk. Her willingness to find out more when she didn't know a specific answer to a question exemplified her heart of service and excellence. I appreciated getting to know Sarah through the course of the months of preparations. By the end, I felt I had gained a friend and an ally. "


CEO, StoryDriven

8 Time Emmy Award Winning Producer

"Sarah worked with us to provide nonprofit board of directors education. She brings an outstanding collaborative environment and her quality of work was impressive. Sarah created an effective action plan for board development, policies and procedures, and resources for future growth. Her work enhanced our nonprofit operations, and from our experience, she will be able to effectively meet nonprofit's desired outcomes."




Loveland Choral Society

“I worked with Sarah for several years, as an advisor, professor, and later as a supervisor when Sarah managed the Drake University Cultural Studies department budget, keynote speakers, and oversaw publicity for the program and public events. Throughout Sarah has distinguished herself. She is a dedicated, driven, responsible hard worker. She upholds the highest standards and welcomes challenging projects. She displays maturity, tact, imagination, and a high level of competence. She is a wonderful communicator and at ease in verbal and written context. Sarah’s success since graduation only underscores the depth of her character."


Author, Researcher and Professor

Washington State University

“It was my privilege to endorse and recommend Sarah into the US Fulbright Specialist Program. With the support of the United States government and through binational partnerships with foreign governments, the Fulbright Program sponsors U.S. and foreign participants for exchanges in all areas of endeavor, including the sciences, business, academe, public service, government, and the arts, to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. Sarah's character, academic and professional experience made her an ideal candidate for the program and to represent the United States in nonprofit and social impact education and collaborations.”



US Fulbright, Author, Professor

Rhodes College

"Our dream team at ‘The Horse’ HQ just got even dreamier with the profoundly inspiring Sarah Hamilton who will join us as Executive Producer. Happy Day."

Emmy Nominated Director

My Beautiful Broken Brain (Netflix)

The Horse


"Sarah, thank you for joining the Billion Acts Global Movement. We are inspired by your work, and would love to help support your mission in every way possible."



Campaign Team