VolunteerMatch makes volunteering easy.

They match people with causes, connecting millions of people with a place to volunteer. Search for your perfect opportunity in both the USA and Canada. VolunteerMatch also helps tens of thousands of organizations better leverage volunteers to create real impact.


211 is a free confidential resource that connects millions of people every year with expert caring help. Call 2-1-1 or search their database, which is available in180 languages. Assistance includes: crisis and essential needs, shelter, addiction prevention and treatment, food, employment, re-entry, education, immigration, health care, mental health, disaster assistance and more.


The National Council of Nonprofits helps nonprofits navigate the world of grant research databases. Explore a variety of grant research tools available for nonprofits and grant-writers.


The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Cultural education department’s mission is to make "deliberate strides toward being a brave space to discuss race, equity, and inclusion." To create an equal society, we must commit to making unbiased choices and being anti-racist in all aspects of our lives, individually, institutionally, inter-personally and structurally.

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The nonprofit sector is growing: 

Why nonprofits should act now to leverage

their position

FORBES| Sarah Hamilton | Social Impact Expert

Creating more than just social impact, nonprofits have risen to become the third-largest employers in the U.S. economy. The growth of the nonprofit sector means stronger communities in terms of both human capital and dollars.




The Coronavirus and the

Rise of the Virtual Volunteer

7 ways you can make a difference from

your couch.

THRIVE GLOBAL| Sarah Hamilton | Social Impact Expert

The Coronavirus limited our capacity to connect in person, but not our ability to make a difference. What do the Crisis Text Line, TEDx, The Smithsonian Institution, National Park Service & United Nations Volunteers

have in common? Virtual Volunteering.

Business Meeting

Why Boards Need Young Professionals and how to join

PBS REWIRE | Jamie Lynn Burgess with commentary from Sarah Hamilton

“While millennials and young professionals will gain leadership experience serving on a board, they also have a lot they can bring to the table," said Sarah Hamilton, a social impact and community engagement expert.

Image by Jesse Mills

9/11 is now the Largest Day of USA's Charitable Engagement

3 Ways You Can Join the Movement

THRIVE GLOBAL | Sarah Hamilton | Social impact Expert

Honoring Our Heroes through Acts of Service: “Ultimately, we want something positive to come from the sacrifices they made. We want to forever remember and keep alive the spirit of unity that arose in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.“

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Millennials Thriving in D.C. Study Shows

WASHINGTON INFORMER | Stacy Brown with commentary from Sarah Hamilton

Millennials seek social change as part of their everyday lives and one of the best places to be for social impact is Washington, D.C., says Sarah Hamilton, Fulbright Specialist and Social Impact Expert.

Best Life Article Sarah Hamilton

Here's What to Do If You

Can't Afford Therapy

Yes, you can be your own personal therapist.

BESTLIFE | Tehrene Firman with commentary from Sarah Hamilton

While the effectiveness of therapy has been proven time and time again, there are also ways to save money and find happiness all from the comfort of your own home. Here are more than two dozen exercises that will improve your mental health without costing you a thing.

TED at home

Lessons Worth Sharing:

Education, Community and Connection at Home Amidst Covid19

THRIVE GLOBAL | Sarah Hamilton | Social impact Expert

4 ways parents, educators, students and volunteers can learn & collaborate remotely with free resources from TED.

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